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Avocado chicken salad keto

Avocado chicken salad keto

Avocado chicken salad keto. The title fruit, originating in South and Central America, is becoming more and more popular in Poland. No wonder, because the health-promoting properties of avocados are amazing. This inconspicuous fruit supports the proper functioning of the heart, lowers blood pressure, regulates sugar levels and is helpful in the fight against atherosclerosis. It also contains …

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Keto pizza: Pizza Casserole

Keto pizza Casserole

Keto pizza casserole. Pizza without flour? Although it sounds like an oxymoron, it is possible, and it can be tasty and healthy. Pizza Casserole mainly consists of chicken, ricotta cheese, which is characterized by easily digestible protein, and zucchini, which has deacidifying properties. Zucchini consists mainly of water, which is why it has very low caloric content, …

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Cauliflower fried rice keto

Cauliflower fried rice keto

Cauliflower fried rice keto. The ketone diet limits carbohydrate intake. How to deal when we miss dishes where high carbohydrate products are one of the basic ingredients? Let’s look for alternatives! Cooking cauliflower, crushing and frying it will give us keto rice – a dietary substitute that will help in the fight against extra kilos. Cauliflower is a vegetable whose properties …

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