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Dijon mustard

French crepes

French savory crepes

French savory crepes. We all know the sweet varieties of pancakes, whether with jam or with chocolate or nut cream, or maybe with powdered sugar. However, savory French pancakes are equally tasty and nutritious. Instead of apple mousse – cheddar cheese, and instead of chocolate pieces – deli ham. Check out our offer, thanks to which you …

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Keto beef stew

Keto beef stew

Keto beef stew. To create a stew, use high-quality beef, preferably high-fat (e.g. 80/20) and green pepper, which has a lot less sugars than red or yellow. Because the recipe contains simple ingredients that you can buy in almost any grocery store – pay special attention to their composition. Remember to avoid sugars that are often added …

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Mustard sauce for salmon

Mustard sauce for salmon

Mustard sauce for salmon. Salmon is the undisputed king of fish, both in terms of nutritional properties and popularity. Salmon meat contains zinc and selenium – women love fish for their positive effects on hair, skin and nails, while men will appreciate it for its beneficial effects on fertility and potency. Iodine contained in salmon supports the …

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