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Keto pancakes with minced meat

Keto crepes with minced meat

Keto crepes with minced meat. Pancakes are a very popular dish. This dish is a great idea for lunch, breakfast and dinner. The sweetest version is the most popular, but savory pancakes are equally tasty and nutritious. It is worth remembering that pancakes with minced meat are also great for ketogenic diets. However, diet pancakes require the right ingredients. In …

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Keto lemon cake

Keto lemon cake without sugar

Keto lemon cake without sugar. The many properties of lemon have a positive effect not only on immunity, but also effectively support the circulatory system. In addition, pectin content reduces appetite and facilitates weight loss. No wonder this fruit has been on Polish tables since the Middle Ages. In addition to classic lemonade, an interesting way to use a lemon …

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Classic stuffed eggs

Classic stuffed eggs

A ketogenic diet does not have to be boring! Classic Stuffed eggs, which might seem like a banal recipe, will become more attractive due to the delicate modification and use of various ingredients. One of them is shallot onion, which differs from ordinary onion in that it is more delicate in taste with a noticeable garlic note. It is …

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Keto Egg Salad

Keto Egg Salad

Keto Egg Salad. It’s an idea for breakfast or an exciting appetizer. Poles love mayonnaise salads, and the ketone diet allows them to be consumed. Egg salad will have a better taste when we make homemade mayonnaise ourselves. Just stick the egg into a tall, narrow dish, add salt and pepper to taste, a teaspoon of mustard and lemon juice, as …

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