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Keto beef stew

Keto beef stew

Keto beef stew. To create a stew, use high-quality beef, preferably high-fat (e.g. 80/20) and green pepper, which has a lot less sugars than red or yellow. Because the recipe contains simple ingredients that you can buy in almost any grocery store – pay special attention to their composition. Remember to avoid sugars that are often added …

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Beef with broccoli

Beef with broccoli

Beef with broccoli. Beef among connoisseurs is considered meat much nobler and much more valuable than pork. No wonder, after all, its nutritional properties are definitely better and more beneficial compared to other meats during regular consumption. The ketogenic diet also draws attention to the properties of broccoli, which are appreciated for supporting weight loss and overall improvement …

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Keto pancakes with minced meat

Keto crepes with minced meat

Keto crepes with minced meat. Pancakes are a very popular dish. This dish is a great idea for lunch, breakfast and dinner. The sweetest version is the most popular, but savory pancakes are equally tasty and nutritious. It is worth remembering that pancakes with minced meat are also great for ketogenic diets. However, diet pancakes require the right ingredients. In …

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